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Popular Hair Trends for Fall

Popular Hair Trends for Fall

Unique Hair Concepts

Fall is coming and along with it is a number of new fantastic – and pretty awesome – hair trends. With the change of season often comes new and exciting ways to change up the look you are after. If you are like many men and women this year, you are looking for a way to stand out. But, you do not have to do it with bold colors. There are a number of fantastic styles out there – and really something for just about anyone. Take a look at some of the stunning hair trends for fall of 2017. Which one will you choose?

The Blonde Highlights

One of the biggest trends for this fall is the blonde highlights. If you take a look at stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid, you will see these, play out in front of you. There are numerous options for doing this. But, the use of chunky blocks of blonde highlights is what is most common. Bright blonde highlights are popular. Try using them to frame out your face to create a dramatic look. This is a fun way to dress up your look and add a bit of playful attention to your look.

Multiple Shades of Highlight

Color isn't as big this season as is highlighting. But, you do not have to go with just your basic blonde look. If you have the time and the best stylist available, you will want to go with the look Sara Jessica Parker is enjoying. She, along with plenty of others, are turning to highlights of multiple colors. That is, you can mix up the caramel colors with some platinum blonde, and even a bit more of your signature hair color. Your goal here is to create a fun mixture of color through highlighting. It's rarely glowing!

Think Dark

Another fall trend – for both guys and girls – is the use of dark hair. Instead of going for the multi-toned look, you may want to just go with a dominating, deep color. A deep rich brown or auburn color or even a darker hue can be one of the best options available. You'll want to pull this off by making a stark change. If you go this route, you can expect to keep the highlights to a minimum. Look for sharp, dark, and dominating to be your colors and style.

Natural Hues Are In

Some of the best looks for the fall 2017 season are natural. That is, they are natural to someone. You shouldn't leave those grays to show, but you should choose a hair color that’s more natural than others. Skip the blue, in other words, and go with a rich, beautiful red. The key to pulling this off is to match your skin tone. If you want to bright up your look, go for a bright red or blonde – all with natural hues. If you want to play down your skin color, focus on a beautiful, rich brown color for your hair. It can be the ideal choice for both men and women.

Still Want Your Color?

Okay perhaps you really do not want to give up your vibrant summer colors. Yes, even that cherry red hair that you fell in love with and cherished all summer long. You can continue to wear it. One way to help make it more fall approved is to tone it down just a shade or two. This can add a bit more of a feel of warmth to the hair while also giving you all of the color vibrancy you are after. It can truly be a fun way to set off your look.

What else is happening this fall? Short and shoulder hair lengths are popular. You may find guys wearing more cuts with short along the sides and long on top. And, look for straight hair to be all the talk over the curls (unless you have natural curls – which is always in style!)

There's much to love about hair styles today. And, of course, when it all comes down to it the only thing that matters is that you love your hair. Get in to see your stylist at the hair salon and freshen up your look. You may love the way fall brings out a new sense of beauty.

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