Smoothie Recipe for Healthy Hair and Skin

Smoothie Recipe for Healthy Hair and Skin

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Imagine you are standing in front of an open refrigerator. You have a blender ready to go on the counter. You want to make a smoothie that is going to offer you the very best nutrition possible. You could make a smoothie that is going to help give your bodies lots of antioxidants to free radicals. You may want to choose a smoothie that's packed with protein for muscle building. On the other hand, you may want to look towards a smoothie that is perfect for boosting hair and skin care. What do you put into that blender?

Skin Smoothies – Making Smoothies Perfect for Healthy Skin?

For those who want healthy skin, the goal is to help flush out free radicals from the cells of the skin. These are the little bits of "debris" that clog you cells and make them look older. You also want to consider antioxidant rich foods that are going to work to boost your skin health. To do this, you'll want to look for a smoothie that's going to have lots of high nutrition foods. The best foods to consider including in this type of smoothie are the following: Spinach, kale, and carrots. Consider a few straightforward options:

  • Go with a pumpkin smoothie. Add pure pumpkin from a frozen state. Add a bit of avocado, Greek-style yogurt, and water to thin it. You can also add flaxseed and pumpkin spice for flavor and an extra boost.
  • Green smoothies are fantastic for skin. Mix all of your favorite greens together. A simple receipt to consider includes up to 2 cups of kale, a frozen, cubed mango, a cup of orange juice, and a combination of flat leaf parsley and fresh mint. Add this, and a bit of celery for thickness, to your blender.
  • Carrots are a fantastic smoothie ingredient and one that should be a part of just about any skin-focused diet. To make one, consider using unsweetened carrot juice (about half of a cup). Add to it some vanilla whey protein powder, tasted wheat germ, and about a tablespoon of cream cheese to add some healthy fat and thickness. Add some spices here including cinnamon and thicken with ice cubes.

Be creative here. Mix those nutritious foods you like to create a smoothie that is going to give you beautiful skin.

Hair Smoothies – Luxurious Hair Comes from Nutrients

You can get some benefits to your hair from the skin smoothies already provided here. But, here are a couple more options to help you to start to enjoy beautiful hair right away.

  • Tropical fruit and turmeric are a fantastic combination for healthy skin and hair. To make this smoothie, mix two cups of kale along with about a quarter cup of cilantro. Then, add unsweetened coconut water (about two cups) along with pineapple and mango, about three cups in total. Add the juice of a lemon and just a half teaspoon of turmeric.
  • Papaya is a fantastic food for healthy hair. To make this smoothie, start with two big cups full of spinach. Add to that two cups of unsweetened coconut water (look for a quality product here). Add to this a peeled orange and a cup of papaya – peel and seed it first. Then, for flavor and texture, add in a cup of strawberries.
  • This version of a hair healthy smoothie focuses on a lot of vibrant color. Mix two cups of spinach along with equal parts of watermelon. You can then add any other fruits you like. Specifically, add a cup of cut up nectarines or peaches and a cup of strawberries. Add some spinach as well, about a cup, to get the deep green nutrients.

The good news is any of these smoothies can be a fantastic fit for both healthy skin and healthy hair. Spend some time looking for a combination that really fits your needs. The more nutrition you add to them in the form of whole fruits and vegetables, especially those foods that are bright or deeply colored, the more nutrients will get into your hair and skin cells. You'll love the way your body begins to change and look even with just one smoothie a day.

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