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5 Ways to Reduce Hair Shedding

5 Ways to Reduce Hair Shedding

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Hair shedding isn’t usually a problem. In fact, it is common and a healthy part of the hair growth process. For some people, such as those who already are losing a significant amount of hair and don’t want to lose more, the goal may be to prevent further hair loss. It’s important to realize it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day. If you are losing more than this, you may be able to reduce that amount by learning what the underlying cause of your hair loss is and then taking steps to resolve it. What can you do to see a reduction in hair shedding then?

#1: Improve your diet

By far one of the most important steps to take to see a reduction in hair thinning or hair loss overall is to improve the nutrients in your diet. Your body needs a wide range of nutrients – a rainbow of colored vegetables and fruits. If your body isn’t getting whole grains, lean meats, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruit, the hair follicles cannot work at their highest level. It’s also important up the Vitamin K and antioxidant-rich foods in your diet. These can help to stimulate healthy hair cell development.

#2: Talk to your doctor about hormone levels

Changes in your body’s hormones is another common cause of hair shedding. Hormones regulate every function of the body – that includes everything from organ function to hair production. The right balance of hormones encourages healthy hair growth. However, when those hormones fluctuate in the wrong manner, that can lead to hair loss. How can you fix this problem? Have your doctor conduct a hormone study. Blood work can provide a good starting point. If there are concerns about hormone levels, your doctor can offer options such as medications for some individuals or lifestyle treatments such as weight loss. Regulating your hormone production is one of the most important ways you can reduce hair shedding.

#3: Improve the health of your scalp

The scalp plays an important role in the overall quality of hair growth as well as in the quantity of hair growth. If the scalp isn’t healthy, the hair follicles are not. That limits hair growth. The best way to improve this is through treating your scalp – which is skin – in a healthy way. The use of essential oils massaged into the scalp, for example, can provide stimulation for the scalp. It can also help to reduce inflammation and bacteria present there. This can help to encourage a healthy scalp and hair growth. For those with a significant amount of damage or flaking, it’s a good idea to focus on the scalp first. Trichology treatments for Women and Trichology treatments for Men that are specific to your scalp health are important in treating dry, itchy, dehydrated or oily scalps.

#4: Pay closer attention to the way you treat your hair

Do you put your hair up in a ponytail every day, pulling it tightly when you do? Do you use a number of chemicals on your hair to straighten it, curl it, and then straighten it again? Perhaps you have colored your hair a number of times in the last few weeks or you have used heated curling or straightening tools at home. All of these styling steps can cause a significant amount of damage to your hair. If you want to see less hair shedding, you’ll want to improve the way you treat your hair. Focus on allowing it to grow and heal. Use organic products to cleanse your hair.

#5: Manage your stress levels and overall health

Your health impacts the way your hair grows. If you are ill, whether from the flu or a disease, it impacts your body’s ability to produce healthy hair. If you smoke, for example, this impacts the quality of your hair, triggering hair loss or hair thinning. Another key area of concern is stress levels. If you are frequently under high levels of stress, the hormones present in your blood stream will impact your body’s ability to product healthy hair.

Each of these factors plays a role in whether or not your hair is healthy. While hair shedding happens to everyone, a large amount of it should be addressed by your doctor. Focus on your health and then see a hair specialist to help you with treating your scalp and slow down the hair shedding. To learn more, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.

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