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Importance of Diet and Exercise for Healthy Hair Growth

Importance of Diet and Exercise for Healthy Hair Growth

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You’ve heard it said many times. What you eat plays a role in the way you feel. It impacts every facet of your life. And, in many ways, what you eat also impacts your hair growth and overall quality. The same can be said about exercising. If you want your body to produce better results with your health, you simply have to make sure you are giving it the right tools and resources to make it happen. Is it that easy to slow hair loss and to have a fuller head of hair? For many people, that’s exactly what the outcome is.

A Balanced Diet – The Secret to Better Hair

In many ways, a balanced diet will do much more for your overall health as well as your hair than anything else you do to improve it. Healthy hair is often the sign of a healthy body. What is healthy hair? It’s hair that is growing at a proper rate, is strong, and is connected to your scalp – which is also just as healthy. This type of hair is bouncy, full, and shining. It is the type of hair that many people are looking for. So, how can your diet help to make that happen?

Protein Is Essential

One of the key components of your diet for healthy hair needs to be lean protein. Protein, along with all vitamins and minerals, plays a role in the development of hair. In fact, a strand of hair is mostly made up of protein, which indicates that your body needs enough protein intake to continue to produce hair. If your diet lacks healthy, low fat protein, this could be a reason why you have some or a significant amount of hair loss. It can also cause hair thinning when no other cause is evident.

Iron and Nutrients

Your body also needs nutrients grow. Specifically, your body needs Vitamin E, selenium, copper, magnesium, and iron. Iron, specifically, is important in the development of hair. Of course, the best source of iron is from meat, which also is an excellent source of protein. Choose lean meats to get enough iron into your diet. If you are not getting enough iron, you’ll likely experience some hair loss. If you have not done so, but think that you have low iron, speak to your doctor about it. A simple blood test can reveal any concerns regarding this. And, your doctor can help you to make changes to your diet and lifestyle to up the amount of iron absorbed into the body.

Vitamin D Matters, Too

Another source of nutrition for hair growth is Vitamin D. First, you do not want to overexpose your skin to the sun’s rays. Of course, Vitamin D is a nutrient your body absorbs from sunlight. So, what should you do? Consume enough milk as well as supplement Vitamin D to reach the goal your doctor sets for you. Having normal levels of Vitamin D in your body will help contribute to healthy hair. Check out this blog post for even more foods for healthy hair.

Can Exercising Make Your Hair Grow?

Here’s another, important strategy for improving the quality of your hair. Exercise. Exercise helps you to burn off stress hormones, which negatively impact your hair. It also helps to encourage your body to secrete healthy, happy hormones. You’ll remove toxins from your blood stream through the exercise process as well. And, of course, exercise helps to promote blood flow to the body. This increased blood flow is important for overall development of a healthy scalp, healthy follicles, and strong hair growth. All of this works together to reduce inflammation in your body, reduce your weight, and increase the flow of positive hormones. That leads to your body’s increased ability to product healthy hair.

Take a moment to look at your diet and exercise lifestyle. Are you giving your body what it needs to perform at the best level possible? Or, are the things you are eating and a sedentary lifestyle causing you to have less hair or even unhealthy feeling hair? Don’t reach for treatment products until you know how well your diet and exercise meets your body’s needs. You may find that treating underlying health conditions related to diet and exercise, can also help improve your hair. Contact us for more information.

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