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Men and Hair Loss: Myths and Most Common Forms of Hair Loss

Men and Hair Loss: Myths and Most Common Forms of Hair Loss

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All men lose hair. There’s no solution for hair loss if your father lost his hair. These are a few of the most common myths many people believe when it comes to men and hair loss. Many men do experience hair loss but there’s no definite requirement that you will lose it even if there are hereditary factors involved. It’s important to watch your hair loss and to understand why it may be happening. Doing so can help you to prevent worsening hair loss or even see some improvement in the loss you’ve currently had. Let’s take a look at common myths about hair loss.

Hair Loss Is a Big Deal

Hair loss is big business. And, that may be a good thing. About half of all men over the age of 50 will have some level of hair loss. That high number has spurred an incredible industry with many innovations and improvements over the last few years. What does that mean to you? In this $3.5 billion industry, there are many options and opportunities available to you if you are experiencing hair loss – for any reason.

Hair loss is related to your mother’s side of the family

There are many theories about where hair loss happens. Some believe that it stems from your maternal side. That’s not the case. In fact, the genes for your hair development come from both of your parents. As a result, you will likely find a mix of traits from both sides of your family. That also means that if your father or grandfather has a bald head, that is not always going to be true for you. You may maintain a full head of hair for your entire life, in fact.

The Way You Treat Your Hair Matters

Male hair loss is not just from hereditary factors. Today it is more common than ever for men to experience damage to their hair from a variety of other factors. This includes hair that’s overworked, such as being colored treated, chemically treated, or heat treated too often. It can also mean that you do not have a healthy diet. If you do not supply your hair follicles and cells with the right nutrients, it is not possible for your hair to grow in thick. Some of your hair loss may also come from stress and anxiety. This changes the hormone balance in your body and can lead to hair loss.

What About that Baseball Cap?

There’s a common myth that if you wear a baseball cap a great deal, that it will cause you to have thinning hair. That’s not the case. Of course, if you end up pulling your hair out that can cause some hair loss. In some cases, it can cause traction alopecia, where areas of your hair can be balding resulting from hair pulling. However, baseball caps do not usually cause this to happen.

Hair Restoration Is Effective

There are many types of hair restoration methods for men. Some of these include transplanting healthy follicles from one area to those not producing hair in others. There are also a number of topical treatments that can help to stimulate hair growth. You will find that these methods can be very effective when you use them with the help of an experienced technician who knows and understands your hair well. There are various treatments that are effective at helping many men to slow hair loss and even improve the amount of hair loss you’ve had.

You Can’t Prevent All Hair Loss

Of course, it is important to know that not all hair loss can be prevented. In some cases, hereditary factors will cause balding. You may experience hair loss from medications and other situations as well. However, you can work closely with a hair professional and doctor to find out what is causing your hair loss as a first step. Then, you can take steps to treat any type of hair loss possible.

Understanding your hair loss is essential. Work with professionals to gather more information about what you can expect from hair loss as well as from the many treatment options available to you. To learn more, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.

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