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Why Are More Millennials Experiencing Hair Loss?

Why Are More Millennials Experiencing Hair Loss?

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Millennials seem to have a very different outlook on life. And, they have more hair loss, too. For those who are aged 22 through 39 years old, there is more fear in getting older present here than there was in any previous generation. When you think about this, you can see just how impactful then hair loss can be. Could this mean that they are aging faster? Are Millennials more likely to lose their hair at a younger age? There are risks and there are a few things you should know if you are a part of this group.

First, They Recognize It Sooner

Perhaps one of the main reasons that Millennials are losing hair more often is because they are noticing it. In other words, Millennials are simply more likely to notice the physical signs of aging than other generations were. More than 60 percent of this age group, in fact, say they are noticing the changes to their bodies and, because they are recognizing these signs sooner, it can seem that they are experiencing hair loss earlier than what would be considered common for others.

Then, There’s Stress, Too

Millennials have various views on life as well as on the seemingly endless blend between their daily life and work life. There’s a high amount of stress present in the lives of Millennials. They are also easily accessible on their mobile devices 24 hours a day. This, along with the increased social demands can put a lot of stress on the average person. This high level of stress can trigger hair loss. That’s because stress impacts the amount and type of hormones circulating in the body. As a result, it is more likely that the body will stop hair production to deal with these high stress levels. This can cause hair loss. The good news here is that, if this is the cause of the hair loss, reducing stress levels or improving hormone imbalance can, in fact, reverse the hair loss.

Millennials Seek Answers

Another difference in this generation to those before it is that Millennials are far more likely to seek out a solution to the problem they’ve found. They see their hair loss. They turn to over the counter products, natural methods, and alternative treatments to fix the problem. And, when that does not work, they turn to their doctors. Millennials are more likely to seek out treatment for what they see happening to their body at a younger age. This gives the impression that Millennials have earlier hair loss, but in fact it is because they are more likely to seek out help for the hair loss sooner. And, that’s a good thing!

Environmental Factors Still Matter

Even when you take into consideration all of these factors, there is still the concern that Millennials, who are still very young, are seeing hair loss. Why is this happening? There are many potential reason for it including:

• Poor diets – diets that are high in saturated fat and refined sugar are still very common for those in this younger age group.

• Limited exercise – this impacts the regulation of hormones in the body, causing an increased risk of developing hair loss.

• Hormonal changes – there are many instances in which Millennials, especially females, struggle with hormonal imbalances that trigger hair loss.

• Autoimmune disease – this is a condition that is more frequently occurring in Millennials today. That onset is likely to cause hair loss as well.

• Thyroid disease – another condition that is growing in frequency of diagnosis, this condition can cause hormone imbalance that leads to hair loss.

These are just a few of the reasons that it can seem that Millennials are suffering from hair loss on a more frequent basis. Whether or not it is true isn’t that important. For any Millennial that is seeing hair thinning that is worrisome, there is good news. There are far more options available today than ever before to help with the treatment of hair loss. In fact, many people can reverse this trend and see their hair grow back fuller and more in line with what they consider normal. To learn more about the available hair loss solutions for Men and hair loss solutions for Women, please Contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.

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