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More than 200 Baldness Linked Genetic Markers Found: What This Means for Men

More than 200 Baldness Linked Genetic Markers Found: What This Means for Men

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Why do you suffer from baldness? This is a question that many men have asked for years. Until now, the most common answer to this question was simply – it’s hereditary. While there are other reasons why you may suffer from hair loss, it is important to know that genetics has long played a role in the process. It’s often been said that if your father or grandfather had hair loss and balding, then you would suffer the same fate. Today, we’ve learned some insight into this and what it may mean for you.

What the New Study Shows

A new study out of the United Kingdom found that there are 200 genetic markers that are strictly linked to male pattern baldness. These have been identified through significant research. Prior to this study, it was believed that just eight genetic markers were linked to male pattern baldness. With just eight, the risk of developing this condition seems much lower than with the currently researched 200 links. What does this type of information mean to you, a man that may have a genetic makeup where hair thinning is likely?

Just How Likely Is It?

This time around, researchers have used this information to pursue some additional facts. For example, they were able to use this information to predict a man’s chances of actually developing significant and severe hair loss. The research and testing isn’t completely accurate for individual use just yet, but they are able to have success with it when applied over the whole population. The research helps to bring scientists closer to being able to predict when hair loss will occur in men. This also has opened the door for better understanding of why this type of hair loss occurs.

The study involved more than 52,000 men that were aged between 40 years old and 69 years old. All were from the United Kingdom. Of these people, about 23 percent of them had slight amounts of hair loss. Another 27 percent said they had what they considered moderate amounts of hair loss. About 32 percent had no noticeable hair loss. And, 18 percent said they suffered from severe amounts of hair loss. They used this, along with each of the individual’s genomes to determine what genetic factors play a role in this type of hair loss. The information found that 287 variations in genetics that were located on more than 100 genes played a role in whether a man developed male pattern baldness or not.

From this information the group was able to create what it called a risk score. This score helped to identify the men who were most likely to suffer this type of hair loss in the future. Again, it is not accurate enough to pinpoint specific information about a person, but it does provide insight and that is an important step in further understanding hair loss but also in developing ways to improve this condition.

The study published by PLOS Genetics, is one step in helping to understand hair loss in men. Do these same types of genetic factors play a role in women who suffer from hair loss? That information is not known as of yet. Additionally, it is not known what age these men began losing their hair and whether or not genetic factors played a role in that either. However, it is clear that these men may not have had much control over whether or not they lost hair.

Does this study mean that men who have a genetic makeup that is likely to have them losing hair have no choice but to allow it to happen? That’s not the case. There are various hair loss treatments for men and medications that can help to slow down the advancing hair loss even in those who have genetic factors that play a role in the process. Advancements in non-surgical hair restoration and hair transplantation are successful and accessible options for men today. This may mean that men, who otherwise thought they had no option, can actually get the full head of hair they want all over again. It all comes down to getting the care you need. If you are a man with thinning hair or hair loss and want to learn more about the options available, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a free, private consultation.

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