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Causes of Men’s Hair Loss

Causes of Men’s Hair Loss

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Men lose hair for a variety of reasons. In some situations, the cause is unknown and cannot be pinpointed. In others, heredity factors play a major role. For those who have experienced hair loss of any type, it can be frustrating to find a solution to slow such loss or even to regrow lost hair. However, many men may be able to do just that. Science has uncovered a variety of common causes for men’s hair loss, and in some cases, it is possible to correct the underlying cause to see improvement. The following are the most common causes of hair loss in men.

#1: Family history

Heredity plays the most common role in why men lose their hair. Male pattern baldness is common and tends to be a gradual loss of hair. Most men will develop a receding hairline or spots of balding. Family history affects the age men begin to lose hair, the location of that hair loss, the rate of hair loss, and the extent of baldness you will experience.

#2: Hormonal changes

Men may experience hair loss as a result of hormonal changes. Men who have an imbalance of hormones can experience hair loss as well. This can occur for various reasons, such as a malfunctioning thyroid gland. Illness and medications can be a cause of this. Hormone changes resulting in hair loss are often temporary. That means that they can often be improved upon when the hormone balance returns, or improves. This does not happen in all situations, but is common in most cases. Significant changes to diet or stress levels that impact hormone production in the body can lead to this type of hair loss.

#3: Alopecia areata

Some men can experience alopecia areata. This is a type of hair loss that causes patches of thinning and balding. It generally happens in smaller areas, though it can be extensive. The hair may grow back on its own and then the hair loss may surface again in another location. This condition is often the result of the body’s immune system. These situations often occur when the immune system, for unknown reasons, attacks the hair follicles on the body. The result of this is a sudden and significant amount of hair loss in the impacted area. This condition may be improved with medications to treat the underlying cause.

#4: Infections

In some situations, hair loss can occur as the result of scalp infections. These infections can be progressively worsening, leading to thinning and then balding. The most common type is ringworm, though others exist as well. Th infection will invade the hair and skin on the scalp. This often creates a scaly patching on the skin. Eventually, the hair thins. The infection can often be treated, and once it is, the hair will likely grow back.

#5: Medications

Medications can cause hair loss in many men. Medications should not be something you stop taking solely because of hair loss. However, some types of drugs can impact the rate of hair growth and create hair loss. This includes medications for cancers, arthritis and depression. Some medications used to manage high blood pressure and heart problems can also cause changes in hair growth. If you have just started taking a medication or taking an increased dose of a medication, consult your doctor about that medication and the hair loss you are experiencing. In many situations, your doctor will be able to recommend alternatives to help prevent hair loss.

The causes of men’s hair loss can range even further. In some cases, men lose hair as a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In addition, stress can play a role. A trigger event, such as a sudden traumatic event either emotionally or physically, can cause hair loss. This may include sudden weight loss or weight gain. Some types of hair styles and products used on hair may also create hair loss. It’s important to talk to your doctor about any hair loss you are experiencing. The best way to overcome it is to find and treat the underlying cause.

If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair and want to learn more about hair loss prevention for men, treatments, and hair restoration, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a free, private consultation.

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