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 Why are more Young Men Are Losing Their Hair

Why are more Young Men Are Losing Their Hair

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Look around at the men at work, at the gym, or just in your friends and family circle. You’ll likely notice one thing. More of your friends and family – even those who are younger – seem to have less hair. It could be a fad and trend, since it seems like more men are going bald on purpose. However, there are several key reasons why more men are experiencing hair loss at a young age. And, if you are male or you have loved ones that are going through this, it helps to understand why this is occurring more routinely.

There are numerous reasons why men are losing hair at a younger age. Could any of these causes be the reason you are?

#1: Stress

Higher levels of stress are increasing the likelihood for men to lose their hair. High stress has become one of the biggest causes. Stress causes an increase in hormones. That imbalance of hormones in the body can lead to numerous instances of hair loss. This includes trichotillomania (pulling of the hair) and alopecia (balding in specific areas). The onset of hair loss at a younger age often comes due to the increased amount of stress individuals have on a daily basis. The good news is that, if men can learn to manage their stress levels, they will be able to improve hair health.

#2 Bad Nutrition

Your hair cannot grow and look healthy if your diet isn’t supplying the nutrients your body needs to do well. A bad diet is a common cause of early hair loss in men. Generally, eating a bad diet isn’t going to cause balding outright. However, individuals who do not take in the necessary nutrients will see more hair fall out as a result. This comes from the lack of nutrition heading to the hair follicles, which produce hair. Improving your diet by adding in rich greens, and vitamin-rich foods, will help to restore your hair growth and reduce ongoing hair loss in most cases.

#3: Hormone Irregularities

As noted, stress and a poor diet can cause hormone irregularities in the body. In other cases, hormones are imbalanced for a variety of other reasons. This can include poor weight control or a lack of exercise. In addition, it is possible to have hormone irregularities related to the aging process. When your hormones are irregular, they are not telling the hair follicles to produce hair in the proper manner. Your hair thins and falls out. If you suspect that hair loss is due to hormones, you can have your doctor perform a blood test that will look for these imbalances. It is then possible for your doctor to offer treatment options to improve those concerns.

What Can Men Do to Prevent Early Hair Loss?

It’s always important to speak to your doctor about any sudden and significant hair loss. This could be due to the onset of a disease or illness. However, for others, these tips can help younger men limit hair loss:

• Get enough sleep each night. Aim for a consistent level of seven to eight hours each night. This can help with hormone regulation and natural healing within your body.

• Improve your nutrient intake. It’s important to add more vitamins overall, but especially B vitamins and E. You’ll also want to include more minerals in your diet. Look for foods and supplements with zinc, iron, and magnesium in them.

• Find a stress relief method that you enjoy. You may want to sit down and talk to your loved ones or even a therapist. You may want to get more physical exercise or spend time each day doing things you enjoy doing. Stress relief can actually help encourage normal hormone production.

Most importantly, it is important for you to recognize that hair loss and hair thinning can be normal even in younger men. Many men begin to see thinning hair in their 20’s and 30’s, even those who do not have a genetic link to hair loss. By working with your doctor, you can pinpoint the underlying cause and hair loss treatment options available to you. If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts for a free, private consultation.

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