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5 Hair Hacks to Keep Your Hair Healthy

5 Hair Hacks to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Unique Hair Concepts

How much time do you spend during the day trying to fix your hair? Do you find the process of looking good all of the time hard to do? For many people there is the desire to simply get things done faster. If you want to spend less time in front of the mirror or less time frustrated with all of the steps it takes to improve the look of your hair, you may want to make a few key changes. In fact, these easy tips are all you need to really start seeing improvement in the way you do things for your hair's health.

1: Get Rid of Stray Dead Ends

Longer hair is in right now. The last thing you want to do is to cut your hair when you are trying to grow it out. But, what about those dead ends? You know, the ends that seem to be frayed and even split? These are problematic because they indicate that your hair is not necessarily healthy. There is a way to get rid of them without losing much length or having to sit for a full hair cut. The process is called dusting them away. In short, your stylist can use a very small trim to keep just the very tips of your hair from splitting. They will need to use the proper scissors and they need to be super sharp to create the results you want.

2: Comb Before You Shower

Instead of going into the shower with your hair in less than ideal condition, take a minute to brush it first. It may not sound like a good idea but it is actually a very good way to improve the way your hair looks and boost its health. When you comb out all of the tangles in your hair before you wash your hair, you are not only getting rid of loose pieces, but you are also helping to prevent some of the stretching and breaking that is so common when hair is wet.

3: Treat Your Scalp Too

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes today's average person makes is paying a lot of attention to their scalp. Don't focus just on your hair. You also need to think about the skin from which your hair is growing. You can find a wide range of products to help with this. Look for a product designed to rejuvenate or moisturize the scalp specifically. Your scalp needs as much attention as any other skin on your body. Are you giving it that type of attention? With the right treatments and moisturizing, you can really see significant improvement in your hair's growth and health. At Unique Hair Concepts, we believe a healthy scalp will grow beautiful hair. That is why the center exclusively uses the CRLAB scalp care line from Bologna, Italy that is based on the principles of the science of trichology. Clients with dry, dehydrated, oily or thinning hair can benefit from trichology treatments.

4: Pay Attention to Your Hair After a Workout

Oh that feeling of getting off the treadmill or out the gym, the more you hate the way your hair feels. You are tired, sweaty and your hair is a direct reflection of the hard work you've put in. After a workout, you've stripped through many of the nutrients in your hair and that's not a good thing. You'll want to shower after your workout, of course. When you do, use a conditioning and moisturizing shampoo. What's more, when you are working out, try to skip the ponytail that's super tight. It's hurting your hair's overall quality. If you have not done so, talk to your hair stylist about the best way to cleanse your hair after a workout based on your hair's specific needs.

5: Care for Your Hair When You Sleep, Too

Buns and ponytails are not meant for sleeping. In fact, if your hair is up while you are sleeping you are doing a lot of damage to it. It was often taught as a way to keep the hair straight and even, but in fact it creates breakage in your hair. Instead of doing this, choose an old school style scrunchie. This type of product is going to be a lot more functional because it does not stress the hair but it still keeps it out of your way while you sleep. Another option is to purchase a cloth hair tie, one that is gentle when put into place. This can provide you with the easy tie you need that keeps your hair out of your way but without the stress and strain of a traditional band.
Paying attention to your hair is a must. The best hack out there is to see your stylist as often as possible and really get the in depth help and support you need to know what your hair needs and what it can benefit from specifically. For more information, contact the team at Unique Hair Concepts.

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