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Dry, Itchy Scalp? How Scalp Therapy May Help

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If you find yourself scratching at your head, not because you're puzzled but because it really does itch, you are not alone. During cooler weather seasons, the moisture present in the scalp is naturally less. In some men and women, this condition can be worse especially if you don't have overall healthy hair. It's important to take the time to address not only what you are feeling but what the underlying cause of it is. There are a few key things to keep in mind before you get started on treating your itchy, dry scalp.

What Makes a Scalp Itch and Dry?

A variety of factors can contribute to a dry scalp. Often times, you will notice the buildup of dandruff, a white, flaky substance that can be embarrassing. It is also a sign that your scalp needs some attention. Dandruff is generally harmless in that it does not mean your skin is inflamed or infected. However, this cosmetic problem is one that you can improve through a variety of safe treatment options. However, when dandruff is present, it generally means that one of several things is causing your scalp to be dry. Those may include any of the following:

  • Scalp psoriasis: If you have itching and flaking that seems more than normal, it could be due to a condition called psoriasis. This condition occurs when the body's natural immune system attacks health skin cells and causes too many skin cells to grow in a specific area of the body, in this case the scalp.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: This condition often causes redness of the skin as well as flaking and itching. It is treatable and is the most common underlying cause of dandruff.
  • Eczema: For those who have irritation and have had it for some time, it may be due to eczema. The underlying cause of this condition is not fully understood. However, there are steps you can take to improve it, including reducing your stress level, which is commonly thought of as a trigger.
  • A poor diet: Believe it or not, your diet plays a role in the condition of your scalp. A diet that is high in saturated fats and processed foods is likely to cause your skin to become dry and cracked.
  • Medical Conditions: Those who have Lupos, Parkinson's, or other diseases that are related to the immune system, or take certain types of medications, may also experience dry, flaky scalp conditions.

Even if you do not understand what is the underlying cause of your dry scalp, there are treatment options available that can help you in most situations.

How Can Scalp Therapy Help?

Keep in mind that dry and itchy skin should always be treated from a position of treating the underlying cause whenever possible. However, when this does not help or when you are unsure, take these steps as a part of your scalp therapy.

  • Improve your diet. It's essential to eat a wider variety of nutrients in your diet from vegetables and fruits. Switch to as many natural and organic foods as possible.
  • Moisturize the skin of the scalp. Just like any other skin on your body, it requires some attention as well. It is important to consider trichology scalp treatments when the condition is persistent. These treatments can offer significant improvement.
  • Choose a deep conditioning treatment that restores the moisture to your scalp and hair. Your hair care professional can help you with this type of treatment.
  • Consider adding more Vitamin D to your diet. This nutrient can help to give your scalp the much needed ability to restore its health naturally.

If you have a dry and itchy scalp, do something about it. You do not need to spend your days worried about hiding it. Rather, it is best to simply treat the skin for the underlying cause, such as improving your diet, taking nutritional supplements, and getting moisturizing treatments. Scalp therapy can help to stimulate the growth of healthy cells and help to limit the amount of dry skin present. This in itself can help to give you the look and feel you are looking for and deserve even when the temperature drops. When you have a dry, dehydrated scalp your hair growth will be weak and fragile. With proper scalp therapy treatment specific to treat dry scalp you will see and feel a noticeable improvement in your scalp. As such, you will notice healthy hair growth. If you have a dry, itchy scalp, call Unique Hair Concepts for a free scalp analysis that will measure the hydration level of your scalp (914) 412-7700.

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