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How to Avoid Seasonal Hair Loss

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The seasons are changing and with that is likely to come changes in your hair. Many people struggle with seasonal hair loss. In short, this is a situation in which men and women, though it is much more common in women, lose their hair in what seems to be a larger amount. It can be overwhelming and worrisome to anyone who is experiencing this type of hair loss. If you feel like you are shedding hair when the seasons change, it may be time to do something about this. The good news is you can both cope with it (if it has already happened) and potentially prevent it from occurring.

Spend More Time Brushing

One of the biggest impacts seasonal hair loss can have is that it creates what seems to be more dead hair. That is, your hair may not look as healthy and may be more likely to fall out. To cope with this, brush more often. Even if you have curls and even if brushing tends to create more frizz, you'll appreciate it if you brush more frequently. This removes the dead hair from your head and even encourages your hair to grow. You can spritz some water on your hair and run your fingers through it to lessen the impact that brushing can have, of course.

Avoid Tying It U

Another big risk factor for almost encouraging hair loss occurs when you wear your hair up often. Think about what happens when you put your hair up in a bun or in a ponytail. You are pulling the hair and yanking on the roots. When you do this, you create more tension and that tension can often lead to damage to the hair as well as hair falling out. If you leave your hair down more often, you'll see that you'll lose less of it. And, although it may take a bit more work for this to happen each day, you'll appreciate the reduced level of tension on your head throughout the day, too.

Go Paraben Free With Styling Products

The next step to take is a bit more expensive, but very much worthwhile. To combat the impact that chemicals have on your hair, get rid of them. Now, you can just ditch your products and not use anything. However, for those women that would rather not do this because they want more control over the way their hair looks, a secondary option is to purchase a higher quality product. Look for paraben free hair care products, for example. These leave the chemicals out and can provide you with far more control over what you are putting into your hair.

Style your hair a different way

If you already have some level of seasonal hair loss, don't worry. Schedule an appointment with your hair professional. Sit down with your stylist and discuss what your options are for improving your hair. If you have a great deal of thinning occurring, your stylist can help you to find new ways to style your hair so that it looks fuller. He or she can also make recommendations for products to use while giving you other tips, specifically based on your needs, to help improve your hair health and reduce further loss.

Take a Break

A final step in keeping your hair healthy during this time is simple. Take a break. That is, take a break from using chemicals and high impact processing of your hair. Don't color your hair or if you do try a more natural product. Avoid chemical curling treatments and straighteners as well. And, it is often a good idea to stop curling your hair for a while. This can give your hair a break and reduce the overall impact of these products on your hair. By reducing that stress, you may reduce the amount of hair you lose at this time.

Everyone's hair is very different. However, seasonal hair loss can impact many people. You do have options for caring for your hair, though. Ultimately, it is important for you to be proactive. Invest in a healthy diet. Work on de-stressing your hair. And, talk to your stylist about the options available to you for preventing this condition from occurring. Scalp therapy treatments based on the science of trichology can also assist with seasonal hair loss. Speak with the hair professionals at Unique Hair Concepts to learn more and for a free consultation.

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