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How Man Buns Cause Hair Loss

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If you are a male, you may have decided to participate in one of the most common new trends in male hairstyles. In short, man buns are hair that is pulled back into the shape of a small bun located at the top of the head. Though it may not seem like that big of a deal, and you are most definitely seeing this trend on many of today's most commonly styled men, it can be something to worry about. What should you know about man buns and what do they mean for the health of your hair?

What Is the Man Bun?

Man buns are just what they sound like. Men with this specific type of hairstyle generally have very short or shaved hair along the sides of their head as well as along the back. However, the top portion is longer. Men then take that longer top portion and pull it back into a ponytail and create a simple bun shape, much like a bun that women wear. This type of hair style is growing in popularity among men of all ages. You've seen it on men ranging from Brad Pitt to Orlando Bloom and David Beckham. The question isn't about the style itself, but what this style can do to men's hair in terms of health.

Are Man Buns Not the Same as Women Hairstyles?

There has been a great deal of talk about man buns and whether or not they lead to damage to men's hair. Men already are at a higher risk of losing hair early due to male pattern baldness and often want to avoid the actual loss through a preventable manner. However, many ask, why are man buns a problem even though women pull their hair back and tie it up on a regular basis in ponytails and buns themselves? Wouldn't men and women suffering the same type of consequence, then?

The good news is that man buns do not cause baldness themselves. In fact, it is not likely that pulling your hair back - for a bun, ponytail or other style - is going to negatively impact your hair quality. However, just like women, there are a few key things men have to keep in mind if they are going to use this type of style for their hair for any length of time.

What To Keep In Mind About Man Buns?

Pulling hair back tightly is a common type of complication for hair loss in some men and women. When the hair is pulled back constantly, this creates a great deal of tension in the hair. It hurts and can be felt as a tight pull on the hair. When this happens, and continues over and over again, this creates a higher level of weakness in the bun itself. As a result, it causes a higher likelihood that hair will fall out. The bottom line here is simple. If you pull your hair back too tightly, this can lead to breakage and hair falling out at a rapid pace.

In some situations, there is also the risk of damaging the follicle. The hair follicle is the shaft from which hair grows. The follicle is hard to damage. However, any change in the shape of the follicle can cause a difficulty for hair to grow from it, leading to potential hair loss over time. It is very likely that you will experience damage to the hair follicle if you continuously pull hair back tightly and do this on a daily basis.

What can men do to avoid having hair loss related to the use of man buns? It's simple. When creating this hair style, remember that you do not have to pull the hair so tightly that it feels tight and taunt. Instead of this, allow a slight amount of slack to be present. This will help to protect the hair itself as well as help to protect the hair follicle from damage. Keep in mind that you can learn how to properly style your hair in this or another fashion by working with your hairstylist. Be sure to mention any type or amount of hair loss you are experiencing due to pulling your man bun back too hard. If you are a man with thinning hair or hair loss along the hair line, the team at Unique Hair Concepts is here to help you. Call for a free, private consultation (914) 412-7700.

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