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What is Trichology?

What is Trichology?

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For men and women suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, it may seem like an endless battle to find a solution that works and seems to be effective all of the time. However, at the foundation of all hair loss concerns is one thing - whether or not the scalp is healthy. Trichology is the study of the scalp and hair related problems. It is a study focused on the various types of hair loss, balding, scaling concerns as well as most types of non-medical treatments and solutions for each of these areas. In short, it may be at the foundation of why you are losing hair.

How Can You Get This Type of Help?

How can these professionals, who have ample experience in areas such as the scalp, hair, and hair loss treatments, help you? They often provided treatment solutions for a wide range of hair loss and scalp related concerns including:

  • Excessive levels of hair loss
  • Thinning hair
  • Areas or patches of balding
  • Hair that's breaking and weak
  • Scaling concerns including patches that occur over the skin of the scalp or entire coverage of the scalp
  • Oiliness that is considered excessive
  • Itchy scalp

The first step is an initial consultation to determine what the problem is and for the professional to further understand the cause. In some cases, it may be necessary for the professional to learn more about your history or other factors that may play a role in the condition of your scalp. The goal is always to determine not just what the symptoms are of your condition but also what the cause is. This is often done in a non-invasive way and can often be based on just a visual inspection.

These professionals will work with you to determine what treatment options are available. In some cases, a microscopic analysis of the hair is done to determine how excessive the hair loss is, whether the condition is permanent, and ultimately what caused it. In some cases, hair loss is directly related to genetic factors - it's in your genes and makeup and as a result treatment options may not work or may be limitedly beneficial.

If the analysis shows that treatment is possible, it generally requires improving imbalances within the scalp. Recommendations for treatment may be available at this point. In some cases, the trichologist technician will recommend that you see a medical doctor. This may be possible in situations where the analysis done shows a problem, such as a disease or other area of health concern, within the body that requires medical attention.

In short, a consultation based on principals of trichology is a way for you to finally get answers. It may be hereditary factors that are causing your hair loss. In other cases, it may be over production of sebum or a dry dehydrated scalp. For others, there is an unknown cause. What this consultation provides is information into why it is happening with the ultimate goal of providing the user with an effective treatment option if one is available. For many situations, it can finally provide the confidence necessary to achieve improved hair growth.

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