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foods that make your hair fall flat

5 Foods That May Cause Your Hair to Fall Flat

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Do you find that your hair just does not have that same bounce and life that it used to? There are plenty of reasons this may occur including the weather, the products you are using, and the overall condition of your hair. In other cases, it may be your diet. Believe it or not, your diet can play a big role in what your hair looks like and how it performs especially in situations in which your hair needs to look as healthy as possible. It's important to remember, though, that your hair depends on the nutrients coming into your body. Give it the right nutrients and you could restore the look and beauty of your hair in no time. What's behind your poor hair health?

These foods can leave your hair looking flat and unhealthy:

#1: Bacon

Everyone loves bacon and there is no doubt it tastes great. What you don't know, though, is that the grease from this tasty treat could be leaving your hair looking a bit less healthy. The grease in bacon can actually cause more oil production at the scalp and hair level. Do you really have to give up bacon to have luxurious hair, then? The answer to that is no. You can eat it, but it is best to blot off as much of the fat and grease as possible. Look for a leaner cut without as much fat in the first place. Or, choose not to enjoy this treat in moderation.

#2: French fries

French fries may be your favorite, but they also have a high level of oil and, as a result, lead to increased amounts of oil production in your body. This often occurs at the scalp. When considering your diet, think about any foods that cause irritation to your skin. Skip those because they are likely to cause irritation to your hair growth as well.

#3: Processed foods

Frozen dinners and boxed products tend to be processed with excess sugar, fats and sodium. The more processed the food is, the fewer nutrients are in it. That can lead to hair loss and thinning hair, making them even more likely to cause flat hair.

#4: Pasta

Pasta is a high starch food that can cause flat hair. While you are enjoying a lot of pasta, you are also taking in less protein than you should. This may cause a problem for your hair, especially if you are eating it daily and suffer from dull looking hair. Low protein diets like this are common problems for flat hair.

#5: Candy

High-sugar foods are troublesome for your diet in many ways, especially when it comes to your hair. A high glycemic load that comes from this type of food will increase the amount of sebum produced by the body. This leads to oil production at a high level. Oily hair is a key reason your hair isn't light and fluffy.

Eating a healthy diet that is rich in a rainbow of vegetables and fruits, lean protein, and whole grains is the best option for healthy hair. Ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to create long-term beauty. Concerned about your hair? Schedule an appointment for a free, private consultation at Unique Hair Concepts (914) 412-7700.

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