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Spring/ Summer 2015 Hair Styling Trends for Men and Women

Spring/ Summer 2015 Hair Styling Trends for Men and Women

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With spring comes so much more than just flowers and fresh air. It also ushers in a new season of hair styling trends. Both men and women will find some fun twists and unique looks available in the spring of 2015. Get rid of the style you had all winter long and get a fresh, younger, and hipper looking option perfectly suited for the spring and summer months. So, what's in style this season? Before you get started making that appointment to your favorite hair stylist, you'll want to consider the latest in spring hair style trends for both men and women.

Go with Waves

For women, the soft wave is very much in style this season. You will hear stylists call it the Boho wave. In short, it is far more careful, run through the meadows soft. The waves are not big, but are barely there. This look is perfectly suited to longer hair. You do not need to cut or color your hair to create this incredible look. Aim for soft curls and waves that help to keep you looking carefree this season.

Choose a long pony tail

The days of wearing your tail up high are gone. And, in this trend for women, you will notice that hair is again long! The longer the better in fact! Ponytails that are longer are sleek and elegant. In an age where women are accomplishing more than ever, this clean, sophisticated look is getting all of the attention. A tight tail at the back of the head and straight, pulled back hair creates this impressive look. Be sure to keep it adorned simply to get the best effect.

Go with the Height for Guys

Men are also seeing that longer hair is more stylish, but not so much at the back of the head. Instead, keep the sides and back short and add plenty of volume to the top of the head. This is exactly what has been trendy. However, unlike last season, guys are keeping their hair less curly and wavy. Instead, the hair remains fairly straight, just volumized to extend a few inches off the top - and only the top - of the head. Modern, sleek, and even high style, these looks are even easy to recreate on a daily basis. That's something all guys can appreciate.

Ladies:Braids Are Fun

Another place to look for a new look for spring is in the braid. Sure, a simple braid can add character and style, but look for more intricate and unique braids and twists instead. That is, pull away from the 3 prong style and learn a few new options for braiding hair. You will also want to consider not just long braids down the back - though these are very popular due to the trend of long hair - but also those twists that are added to the top of the head. Have some fun creating unique looks this way. On the other hand, a simple braid down the sides of the face is also a nice, touching addition.

For Guys, Lower Fades Are a Must

As mentioned previously, short hair styles for guys, at least along the sides of the head, are popular. For men that do not want a lot of hair on top of their head, this other option works well. Lower fades and tramlines are popular. Slightly lower fades can be the perfect solution to those who have dealt with tight sides for a long time. The edges still look nice and clean, but there is a reduction in the degree that your scalp is showing. More so, it gives you more hair to play around with in terms of styling.

Other spring of 2015 looks for men and women bringing out natural hair colors, using natural hair care products, and even tight buns for women. Sophistication, clean and simple cuts, and incredible health are all important trends for hair this season. You will still see a fabulous bob or two as well as guys with longer, wavy hair making statements, though. Don't expect last year's looks to fade away too soon - but look for them to become more streamlined and cleaner for the spring to summer months. To update your look, schedule an appointment with the hair specialists at Unique Hair Concepts.

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