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Cesare Ragazzi CNC System Testimonials

Unique Hair Concepts


Luis G- Scarsdale, NY

Unique Hair Concepts

Prior to meeting Flora, I used powders and spray to hide my hair loss.  It was getting to a point that I would not plan business lunches in restaurants that had specific lighting that would reveal my hair loss under bright lights.  When I worked out, sweating would make the powder bleed into my forehead.  It was starting to limit my life.  So I decided to look into other options. I met with a hair transplant doctor that told me that I would not get a full head of hair but he could give me more hair in the front and then I could use the powder to fill in the rest.  That meant I had to still use the powder.  No way!  I met with Flora and she went over the hair replacement system and I decided to give it a shot.  Now, I have more hair, no more powder.

Gary M- New York, NY

Unique Hair Concepts

When I met Flora, I was 20 years old and embarrassed by my hair loss.  Flora took the time to explain to me my options and with encouragement from my father I decided to try a hair replacement system.  I was very nervous but Flora was patient and made sure that I did not leave until I was 100% comfortable.  My father was pleased with the results but more importantly I was happy.  It has been 15 years and I have no regrets.

Steve S- Armonk, NY

Unique Hair Concepts

I work for a public relations company.  When I started losing my hair at 29, I felt like I looked older than my age. All I could think about was that I did not want to look like my dad.  I looked into my options and decided that a non-surgical hair replacement would give me the results I wanted.  I now feel that I look like my age and can wear my hair anyway I want.  Thank you for helping me look great.

Elaina R- Whiteplains, NY

Unique Hair Concepts

I started to notice a difference in my hairline at age 19. My hair was increasingly getting thinner, coarse and began falling out over the course of about 5 years. Poor nutrition and a few years of anti-anxiety medications were the causes of my hair loss. At age 25, I decided to undergo my first hair transplant surgery, another one at age 27. Nothing worked.

A friend of mine encouraged me to look into another solution for me. I did thorough research on what was available for me and then I made an appointment to see Flora. I literally left there feeling like a huge weight had been lifted and there was actually hope for me. My hair replacement system looked exactly like my real hair used to look. Needless to say I’ve been working with Flora ever since. It’s been over four years that I’ve been using this new system and I feel like my youth and my life has been restored. I live my life with no hesitation or cares about hiding my scalp or having insecurities about my hair. I’m so grateful for my experience with Flora. I’ve come to accept the reality of my hair loss, which is something that many women struggle silently with. It’s given me confidence and security to not hide anymore. My hair loss is no longer a source of shame, but rather something I can help others own and accept. When all I could do was panic, Flora gave me peace.

Jeanny P- New Haven, CT

Unique Hair Concepts

My thyroid condition caused me to lose my hair at age 30.  I tried Rogaine but my scalp became sensitive so I had to stop.  Having fair skin and dark hair made the hair loss noticeable so my hairdresser tried to lighten my hair to hid it.  After time went by, I started using a darkening powder to color in the scalp but that became hard to work with because I like to exercise and the powder would smear.  Finally, one day at the office a co-worker took me aside and asked if I was well.  I thought what a strange question, so I asked her why are you worried?  She thought my hair loss was due to a grave medical condition and that’s when I realized that my I could no longer hide my hair loss.  Feeling embarrassed, I decided to take action to correct my hair loss.  I met with Flora and she explained the different options. She was honest and we designed my hair replacement system.  It has been 2 years since and I am happy with the results.  It looks like my hair.

Rita G- Ryebrook, NY

Unique Hair Concepts

Seeing my hair shed after giving birth to my daughter was very stressful.  After seeing my doctor and finding out that there was nothing he could do, I felt like I hit a brick wall.  I looked into vitamins and supplements but the hair shedding continued.  I realized that the situation was getting worse when my scalp was becoming visible.  I decided to take a proactive approach and look for professional advice.  I met with Flora and she took the time to explain my situation and what can be done to maintain my hair.  Two months after starting Low level light therapy my hair shedding decreased dramatically.  It has been 8 months since I started and my hair is stronger, healthier and my hair stylist tells me that my hair is thicker.  I am happy I started treatment when I did. I am so thankful.

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