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Flora Fuentes Hair Loss Treatment ExpertThe Unique Hair Concepts Studio offers all the services you'd expect from a salon, plus the hair restoration expertise of a 24-year industry veteran. Our boutique location is inside a private professional building that houses an array of other businesses. This offers our clients complete privacy and anonymity, as they could be coming to the building to visit just about anyone. All solutions are completely personalized, and owner Flora Fuentes offers only those options that she would consider using herself or recommending to a family member.


We're not like other hair replacement clinics, and we hope that comes through in our name. Unique Hair Concepts is the perfect way to describe the wonderful answers that Flora creates for her clients. The truth is that there's no cure for hair loss, but there are solutions. The hard part is finding the right answer for you, because what works for one person is likely to fail for someone else.

Your unique hair concept describes all of the processes and tools that Flora combines to bring your inner beauty out. It's the plan that helps you go from feeling like something is painfully missing to no longer feeling bad about your hair or the way you look. It's the secret recipe of individually right answers that makes you feel like you again.

Your experience at Unique Hair Concepts will be:

  • Completely Private
  • Professional
  • Honest
  • Personalized
  • Respectful


All people – especially women and children – lose their hair for very different reasons. It happens at different speeds and in different progressions for everyone. When you visit Unique Hair Concepts for the first time, it's not your responsibility to drive the conversation. You don't have to know exactly what you want to try. In fact, since so much depends on a microscopic analysis of your hair and scalp that we hope you'll come in with an open mind rather than potential answers.


  1. Discovery – We need to find out about any family history that might be contributing to your hair loss. We'll ask about how you've treated your hair and how it got to the point it's at now. And we'll want to know what you've tried in the past to address your hair loss.
  2. Expectations – You can only be delighted if we can meet and exceed your expectations. We need to know what you're hoping for, and when we do we'll help you understand the results you can look forward to.
  3. Solutions – This is where we get into the details and pinpoint exactly what's causing your hair to thin. We'll evaluate potential solutions and project how far your hair loss is likely to advance. Based on your wants and expectations we'll design a plan to help you feel confident about your hair.
  4. Commitment – Some people have hair loss that's only temporary, and we can help you get through that smoothly. Others, however, have hair loss problems that don't go away. If that turns out to be your situation, resolving your hair loss will be an ongoing process. We're available as an educational resource so you can understand what your solution really entails and what your prospects are for the future.

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